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Replacement warranty is limited to the host, packaging and all kinds of connections, software products, technical data and other accessories not covered under warranty. Wireless external antenna and fiber optic components, the first 3 months warranty.

If the product within 15 days after purchase equipment performance issues arise, and look no scratches, can be directly replaced with new products. During the free replacement warranty, the product subject to Hui network technology testing.Trouble-free products, as is return customers; defective produc, Will replace the same model or repair the product performs as well as yield, replace a defective product go down the network technology of all wisdom.

External power supply warranty period of three months. If the power significantly rework hard object damage, cracks, broken legs, severe deformation, the power cord damaged, broken, naked core and so will not warranty, the user can be purchased separately.

In our service to your service, please bring your invoice and the appropriate product warranty card; if you can not produce more than prove that the product warranty period will be calculated from the date of its production.

The following does not belong to the scope of the warranty:

- Failure requires manual installation, use, maintenance, custody, or damage caused by product failure;
- Beyond the limited warranty, the warranty period;
- Unauthorized alteration, tearing up the product bar code;
- Turbo Chip without permission, to change the inherent disassemble settings file or unauthorized repair;
- Unexpected factors or human actions cause damage to the product, such as improper input voltage, heat, water, mechanical damage, break, rust or oxidation products so serious;
- Customers back to rework the way as the transport, loading and unloading caused by damage;
- Force majeure such as earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning and other causes of product failure or damage;
- Other non-product itself, design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused by failure or damage.


NOTICE: When you purchase a product failure, present their purchase invoice and warranty card valid certificate of purchase requirements to the product warranty services on behalf of applications. When you are unable to contact the dealer can also contact me directly.
Customers or dealers will rework Hui sent to the freight network technology to bear by the customer or dealer, Hui network technology will warranty the product to the customer or dealer freight borne by the Hui network technology.

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